11 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Sukhothai

                   Hi there. Many of you may have been to Sukhothai already. I believe there are some people still haven't visited this province before or have been here for so long ... long enough to forget about it.

                   Sukhothai contains both historical and cultural tourist attractions. The journey is also convenient; by plane, coach bus and train. Actually I'm an outsider who works in Sukhothai for 3-4 years and like traveling.

                    So, I would like to share information with everyone in case you have an opportunity to come...

1. Wat Mahathat 

Sunset point

   1. Wat Mahathat Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns is the most significant place during Sukhothai period. To compare with present, it would be Wat Pra Kaew. This temple used to host Phra Shakyamuni image which is currently situated at Wat Suthat in Bnagkok. And this temple is also the best location to watch sunset.

2. Wat Si Chum 

   2. Wat Si Chum Sukhothai History Park is another important location. "If you come to Sukhothai but didn't worship Phra Acana of Wat Si Chum. It means you haven't arrived Sukohthai yet." The charm of Phra Acana is an original Sukhothai art.

3. Stupa 

   3. Wat Phra Si Rattana Maha That (Chaleang) or Wat Phra Prang Si Satchanalai Historical Park is well known as ancient town of Sukhothai. It developed together with Sukhothai in the past.

Transportation is not difficult. From downtown, use Highway no.101. Go straight for 55km. The historical park is on the left hand side.

4. Tham Jao Ram 

   4. Tham Jao Ram, Amphoe Ban Dan Lan Hoi, is home to massive numbers of Tadarida plicata. They pour out of the cave entrance and fly across the horizon.

During summer and winter, you can see them around 6.00PM - 7.00PM. In winter, the sun sets early at 5.30PM - 6.30PM. You can bring tent.

5. Khlong Maphlap Railway Station 

   5. Khlong Maphlap Railway Station, Amphoe Sri Nakorn, is a tiny train station with only 1 trip per day; Uttaradit - Bangkok. From Sukhothai, take Highway no.101 for 40km.

Then turn right to Highway no.1180, Sawankhalok - Srinakon. Go straight for another 20km. The station is on your left hand.

6. Group of Albino buffalo at Organic Agriculture Project, Sukhothai Airport 

   6. Group of Albino buffalo at Organic Agriculture Project, Sukhothai Airport. There are over 200 buffalo inside the airport.

7. Wat Walukaram or Wat Tanod 

Chic barbershop

Cute tailor's shop

   7. Wat Walukaram and Baan Mai Boran Community, Amphoe Kirimas : Villagers still well preserve local culture and habitation.

8. Phra Buddha Rattana Siri Sukhothai

   8. The Holy Heart Land or Talay Luang Village is a large storage canal in coastal area called Kaem Ling Project. If you fly across, you will see heart shaped land in the middle, 15km. from downtown.

It is the center of locals and holds "Phra Buddha Rattana Siri Sukhothai" image.

 9. Marigold Field, Pak Khwae, Amphoe Muang 

   9. Marigold Field, Pak Khwae, Amphoe Muang : It is located next to Highway no.1195 near airport. You will find marigold filed lining across over 20 Rai.

Suitable period to take photo is January to March. If you come in the morning, you will see farmers collecting flowers.

10. Fog sea at Huay Ton Hai view point, Baan Na Ton Jan, Amphoe Si Satchanalai 

Cycling by beautiful field

   10. Fog sea at Huay Ton Hai view point, Baan Na Ton Jan, Amphoe Si Satchanalai ^__^ You understand correctly, Sukhothai also has fog sea, very gorgeous one. It is inside Baan Na Ton Jan Community which is a well known community of Sukhothai. You can pedal to watch garden, green field and fog sea which is so-called one stop location. I recommend to stay for 2 nights. The highlight is you can set up tent at view point where offers sunrise and sunset view. It doesn't take long time to walk up the hill as well. Very convenient.

11. Ramkhamhaeng National Park

   11. Ramkhamhaeng National Park is where you have to conquer once in lifetime. It is a well known brave testing place in Sukhothai with the height os 1,200m. from sea level.

It is the highest mountain in province consist of Narai peak, Jaedee peak, Phra Mae Ya peak and Phuga peak. Every second Saturday of December, there will be annual Khao Luang conquer competition.


Credit  photo by : https://th.readme.me/p/3952




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