About the Airport

Sukhothai Airport    

Bangkok Airways’ second airport at Sukhothai, located in the Sawankhalok district, began construction in 1992 and was officially opened to serve its first flight on April 12, 1996. Built over a 2,000-rai (acre) area, the facility comprises of a 2,100 meters long runway and is operated in accordance with The Civil Aviation Department of Thailand’s safety standards.

Sukhothai Airport's open-air passenger terminals are uniquely constructed to resemble the classic Siamese pagodas found in Sukhothai's rich history as Thailand's ancient capital. Bangkok Airways also grows special organic rice from the surrounding rice paddies within Sukhothai Airport's area—which the airlines then serves these naturally-grown organic rice onboard as part of its appetizing in-flight menu.

Bangkok Airways uses Sukhothai Airport as a domestic base hub to link air transportation between other Indochina countries. Its goal is to promote tourism in both the northern region of Thailand and the culturally rich destinations along the Mekong region.

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