Getting to the Airport

   Sukhothai Province is about 440 kilometers from Bangkok.  Tourists have many choices of transport to the province and its historic sites by car or bus, by train and by plane.   

By Train

There are no trains going directly to Sukhothai, but you can go by train to Pitsanulok  and continue by bus to Sukhothai city center, 59 km away.  Those who want to go to Si-Satchanalai Historic Park should get off  at Sawankhalok which is closer then continue by bus.

Check train schedules before planning the trip. Trains leaves daily from Bangkok Hua Lampong Station to Sawankhalok and Pitsanulok.  Contact State Railway of Thailand Tel. 1690,

By Car

There are two routes to Sukhothai

1. First take Highway No.1 to Nakorn Sawan and Kampangpetch, then turn to Highway No. 101 passing Pran Kratai and Kirimas to Sukhothai, 400 km.

2. Second take Highway No. 1. turn at Bangpa-in intersection (50 km) to Highway No. 32 by-passing Ayuthaya to Nakorn Sawan then by Highway No. 117 to Pitsanulok and by Highway 12 to Sukhothai, a total of 427 km.

By Bus

Many air-conditioned buses leave

From Northern Bus Station (Mo Chit 2), Kampangpetch 2 Road.

For more details contact Transport Company Tel. 1490,; Win Tour Tel 0 2936 3753; Pitsanulok Yanyon Tel 0 2936 2924-5 and Cherdchai Tour Tel 0 2936 0199

Booking bus tickets on line is now available at  and



By Plane  

Bangkok Airways operates daily flights Bangkok – Sukhothai.  Tel. 1771 or 055-647225-6.  

Travel around Sukhothai  

Distance from Sukhothai city center