11 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Sukhothai

Hi there. Many of you may have been to Sukhothai already. I believe there are some people still haven't visited this province before or have been here for so long ... long enough to forget about it. Sukhothai contains both historical and cultural tourist attractions. The journey is also convenient;..

Rim Yom Ancient Market

Every first Saturday of each month local villager of “Kong Krai Las” come together for local market resemble to the old market from century ago. Here you can experience feeling of old market of wooden shop with sweet and savory from the past as well as performances from local...

Phra Mae Ya Shrine

The shrine is highly respected by Sukhothai residents. Phra Mae Ya or grandmothe in Thai is literally a term of endearment since the local people regarded King Ramkhamhaeng the Great as their father. ..

10 things must do in Sukhothai

10 things must do in Sukhothai

Ramkhamhaeng National Park (Khao Luang)

This abundant national park offers not only the amazing waterfalls, varied plants and wild animals for the nature lovers.
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