Hae Nam Khuen Hong Festival (April)


       This is organized annually during 18-19 April at the plaza of Chaopho Mueang Dong Monument, Tambon Ban Tuek,Amphoe Si Satchanalai. The ceremony is held to honour " Muen Nakhon" or "Chaopho Mueang Dong". the establisher of Dong City.He was talentd and courangeous, as well as, specialized in catching elephants and utilising them in war. Later,he was executed to prove his loyalty to King Tilokkarat.Then, the villagers organized a ceremony to pay homage to Chaopho Mueang Dong by preparing a more-than-50-elephant parade wonderfully decorated,passing the village to pay respect to the shrine of Chaopho Khao Mung,and onward to the plaza of Chaopho Mueang Dong Monument to pay homage to Chaopho Mueang Dong. For more information contact, the Ban Tuek Sub-district Administration Organization ,Tel.055-677200

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