Si Satchanalai National Park


       Si Satchanalai National Park, formerly called Pa Kha or Pa Kha Luang, is located at Ban Pa Kha, Mu 6, Tambon Ban Kaeng. It was initiated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej to conserve the water source and natural resources. With a total area of 319 square kilometres, the park covers the areas of Amphoe Si Satchanalai and Amphoe Thung Saliam of Sukhothai Province, as well as ,Amphoe Thoen of Lampang Province. The general  geography of this national park is a large lalang field, as well as,high,undulating mountains. These moutains are the source of many streams such as Huai Tha Phae. The flora here include mixed deciduous forest. This is also home to many fauna such as Indochinese ground squirrel,Asian golden cat,common paim civet, Sumatran serow, and Siamese big-headed turtle. Si Satchanalai National Park was proclaimed a national park on 8 May,1981.

       Interesting tourist spots in the park include:

       Namtok Tat Duean  

       Located 300 metres from the park headquarters,this waterfall originates from the stream Huai Mae Tha Phae. It becomes a large rock terrace and pool for relaxation.

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       Tham Khangkhao 

       Situated some 200 kilometres from the park headquarters, Tham Khangkhao or bat cave is home to some 100,000 bats. There are amazing scenes of plentiful stalactite and stalagmite formations.


       Tham Thara Wasan

       This cave is situated about 1.5 kilometres from the park headquarters. It also features marvellous stalactite and stalagmite formations. Prominent flora and fauna found within the cave's compound include Dracaena loureiri Gagnep and Sumatran serow.

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       Namtok Huai Sai Khao

       This waterfall is located some 3 kilometres from the park headquarters. Namtok Huai Sai Khao takes its source from Huai Sai Khao running pass the rock terrace abd cascades into a small pool. The waterfall runs through 7 cataracts. It,basically,sits in the middle of a valley surrounded by a forest.

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       Namtok Tat Dao

       This large and beautiful waterfall takes its source from Huai Mae Tha Phae. It cascades like a curtain through 2 cataracts of a wide and sleep cliff,which measures 50 metres in height. It is located some 4 kilometres on foot from the park headquarters.

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